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Terms and Conditions

By using this website to submit new cards to Blue Opal Australia Pty Ltd (Blue Opal) you (the Inventor) warrants, acknowledges and agrees as follows:

That all submitted card text is the Inventor’s own original work and has not been copied from another existing game (or its cards) nor any other source for which you do not have rights.

The Inventor acknowledges that Blue Opal receives numerous submissions of similar concepts from many parties, and that the adoption by Blue Opal of any alternative submission (as opposed to the concept submitted by the Inventor) may be due to market conditions at the time at which such alternative submission is received and/or the positioning of the concept suggested by the party making the submission as well as to any inherent merit of the concept. Selection by Blue Opal of alternative submissions shall be without obligation to the Inventor.

In the event that your card text in full or part is used by Blue Opal in any of its published products, or otherwise, the Inventor grants full permission to Blue Opal do so without consideration and assigns the copyright to Blue Opal in perpetuity.

Blue Opal may decide to use or not use your submitted card text at its absolute discretion.

If Blue Opal elects to use the Inventor’s idea and award you with a prize, you will be contacted via the email address used in your submission. To claim your prize you must provide the required mailing details so that the prize may be delivered. In the event you do not provide these details within one month of receiving Blue Opal’s advice that your submission has been accepted, your entitlement to a prize will lapse.